Nutrition Counseling Services

I offer nutrition counseling services for a variety of nutrition related problems. I practice in a holistic way, which means that we will discuss how all aspects of your Hilary Warner offers nutrition counseling services for a variety of nutrition-related problems, including weight management, eating disorders, childhood obesity, high blood pressure, and high influence your eating and activity patterns.

Whether you find me on your own or are referred by your doctor, the approach is the same:

  • We have a conversation about what you want to accomplish
  • I listen to what you have to say and learn what’s important to you
  • I let you decide what you want to work on
  • I offer suggestions that you are welcome to accept or reject
  • I tailor recommendations to your level of readiness to change
  • We proceed at your pace
  • I try to remember to back off when you indicate that you don’t want to do something
  • I am honest with you
  • I provide inspiration, expertise, accountability, and support
  • I aim to provide you with the very best counseling experience I can

(I am more directive with clients who are underage and have an eating disorder.)

Hilary Warner of Nutrition Works! LLC is a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist offering one-on-one nutrition counseling, dietary coaching, personalized nutrition plans, fitness plans and overall wellness consultations in Concord New Hampshire. Hilary Warner has advanced training in the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. As a registered nutritionist/dietitian, Hilary helps people lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, and counsels individuals how to improve their diet to manage gluten intolerance, celiac disease, irritable bowel disease, and other food-related health problems. If your child is overweight, Hilary can coach parents and children on how to build a healthy body with good nutrition and regular activity. Hilary Warner can help you if you want to lose weight consistently, improve your general eating habits, learn how to cook healthy meals, improve your sports performance, and get healthier through good diet! Nutrition Works! LLC is located in Concord, NH and provides nutrition counseling to individuals throughout the state of New Hampshire.