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Improving Sport Performance

Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, proper diet can make your exercise easier and more enjoyable.

Proper “fueling” can help keep your mind clear and your focus sharp so you can execute more consistently.

Sports Nutrition Services in Concord, NH

As an athlete, food is your fuel!

At Nutrition Works!, we provide sports nutrition counseling to improve sports performance and give you a competitive edge. If you eat and drink the right foods, you’ll be able to perform your sport longer and at a higher level than athletes who may be in better shape, but who fail to take advantage of the latest in sports nutrition. After all, if you’re running on fumes, no amount of training or expensive equipment can make up for it.

If you have difficulty “dialing in” your sports nutrition, it’s time to invest in some professional help. Our board certified sports dietitians can help you understand the following:

  • How to reach and maintain your goal weight without starving yourself or sacrificing performance;
  • What to eat and drink during an event to optimize speed and endurance;
  • What to eat after exercise to maximize gains and minimize recovery time;
  • What to eat on a daily basis so that you get the most out of training and prevent “heavy legs” and “bad days”; and
  • Which supplements your body needs to perform at its best.

With the proper fuel,
you’ll take your sport to a new level. Take advantage of it! It’s the last legal edge!