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Our Nutrition Philosophy


We are registered dietitian nutritionists who believe that all food can be nourishing to body, mind and soul.

The following best describes our philosophy:

  • Food matters! Food and eating are important parts of our lives and should be enjoyed. Your grocery store is full of healthy foods that can nourish and sustain your body.
  • Let lifestyle be your medicine! A healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and other health behaviors should be the first line of defense for optimizing your health and preventing and/or managing disease.
  • With the exception of allergies and food intolerance, it is unlikely that any one food will cure or harm you.
  • Striving for health and a healthy lifestyle is much more sensible than focusing on reaching a certain weight or BMI.
  • The weight that’s right for you is the one you settle into when you eat and exercise appropriately.
  • People of all sizes can improve health by adopting healthy behaviors.
  • Most people can learn to tune in to their bodies to figure out when, what, and how much to eat.
  • DIET is a four letter word! Restrictive eating plans can actually cause weight gain in the long term!
  • Gimmicks and quick fixes do not permanently solve problems.
  • Progress is always the goal, not perfection.