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Sustainable Eating Patterns

You may be wondering if we can help you lose weight.

If losing weight occurs as we make diet, lifestyle, and behavior change that is fine. However, our goal is always your health and wellbeing, not restrictive diets that are quick fixes and not sustainable.

Sustainable Eating Patterns that Work for You

Life is too short to struggle with food and weight. We can help you learn to eat appropriately once and for all so that you can get on with living your life to its fullest.

Our practice does not focus on weight loss because weight loss really depends on a lot of factors, including your dieting and weight loss history, genetics, medications, your eating and exercise habits, what you are able and willing to do now and for the rest of your life, and a variety of other things.

What we can promise is that we can help you eat and exercise appropriately to improve your health.

That is why we recommend:

  • Taking the focus off the scale and instead putting energy into nourishment;
  • Incorporating regular, enjoyable movement into your life; and
  • Being respectful of whatever body shape and size you end up with when you do the best you can.
“What are you going to tell me about nutrition that I don’t already know?”

Many clients initially tell us they aren’t sure we can help them because they already know a lot about nutrition. They say they know what to do but just haven’t been able to figure out how to do it—for the long term. Many have done some or all of the weight loss programs available in the area; some have done them several times.

When you meet with our licensed, registered dietitians, you’re working with professionals trained to help you get where you want to go.

Together, we’ll build a plan that is tailored to your unique needs. One that is different from what you expect or are used to. One that is realistic, sustainable, designed to prevent feelings of deprivation and hunger, and is based on foods that you enjoy and that are readily available in your grocery store.

We like to help people be successful finding a weight that is sustainable without restriction and unrealistic exercise routines. We help them build their inner and outer wisdom, or knowledge. Outer wisdom is understanding the science about nutrition and exercise.

Many people have a good start on that. What is often missing is inner wisdom—awareness of the body’s cues for hunger and fullness, knowledge about the emotions and situations that trigger eating, and body acceptance. Combining outer and inner wisdom often leads to feeling satisfied with less food. With lots of patience and practice, the result is often a sustainable eating pattern for life.

Because weight problems are so complex and can be beyond the scope of our training, we sometimes suggest that our clients work with other professionals who are skilled at helping people with eating and weight problems. We work closely with several psychologists, therapists, mental health counselors, and physicians in the area to help clients normalize their eating patterns.


Contrary to what you may have seen on social media, television, or read at the supermarket check-out, reaching your natural weight and being successful with food is not something that happens overnight. We provide support, coaching, and guidance for as long as you need it.