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Testimonials and Success Stories

I’ve been a registered nutritionist and dietitian for over 20 years and have seen many patients of all ages with different dietary issues. Many of them have dramatically improved their health, reduced or eliminated prescription medications, and managed or reversed serious diseases. Here are a few testimonials and success stories from letters I’ve received.

I’m doing SO much better than I was. I haven’t weighed myself since our last appointment. I still track food religiously but I’m up to around 2,800 – 3,000 or so calories. I still workout hard 6 days a week. The intensity of my workouts have improved, I feel better, I’m not freezing cold all the time anymore. Stress has gone down since I’m not constantly on the scale. I haven’t gone on voracious binges, since I haven’t been restricting. I’ve been eating enough to keep me full and its all clean stuff.
Ryan, age 26

I nearly had a panic attack when the DMV asked me my weight… I lied and gave a number twenty pounds less than what I actually weighed. This summer my weight went up even higher and self confidence plummeted. Somehow I found my way to your office and today I find myself writing this email extremely grateful. Life is not perfect yet it’s 6:50 pm and today I have eaten to live not lived to eat 🙂 . Since I walked in your office I have found a love for spinning because it feels good not because it is a calorie burner. I have also found a way to enjoy Skittles and not feel guilty after eating them. I’m still learning what I like and don’t like to eat- it’s very confusing without the concept of good food and bad food ruling and actually letting my taste buds do the choosing. Yet everyday it seems to get a little easier. I just wanted to thank you.
Ashley, age 25

The thing you help me with the most is figuring out what’s true and what’s not when it comes to food and being healthy. My eating disorder has me believing a lot of things. You help sift through all the junk that my eating disorder would like me to think so that I can determine what’s true and what’s not, which in turn gives me the perspective needed to hopefully fight back against the ridiculous things I have come to believe about eating, being healthy, and exercising. This is an area that I have no trust in myself, but I do trust you, and by following your lead I’m becoming more confident and ideally one day I will trust my own ability to fight back and learn to become a healthier individual.
Melissa, age 27

I cannot thank you enough for the unparalleled care you have given me these many months. You so dexterously balance emotional therapy with food planning and education- which is a rare gift to be sure. I have never before been so comfortable working with a dietitian. I will be forever grateful for your amazing patience, warmth, and expertise.
Johanna, age 25

I had blood work done in June and I’m more than delighted with the results. The total cholesterol went from 228 in February to 201, the HDL from 48 to 52, and the LDL from 153 to 119. Thank you for your advice and guidance.
Matt, age 66

Thank you so much for all of your help with my daughter. The improvements she made with your help have been remarkable. Although I realize I will have to be vigilant for signs of anorexia’s return, I am grateful for how far she has come in such a short time- and we have you to thank for that. I wish you could see her now- happy, confident, laughing, polite, and fun to be around. Thank you for giving me back my daughter!
Mom of 10 year old

As a professional working in the field of eating disorders, it has been an honor to be able to collaborate with Hilary. Hilary has a nurturing and calm approach to helping people heal their relationship with food and re-create healthy, mindful eating. It is so reassuring to know that I can refer clients to Hilary as she consistently and supportively leads them to a place of health and encourages them to trust their bodies to tell them how to eat. Hilary’s approach to eating and movement has helped many of my clients along their journey to normal eating and well-being. I look forward to many more years of working with Hilary!
Ruth Elliott, LICSW

I wanted to let you know that things have been going great! I know I wouldn’t be where I am, which is the happiest I have ever been, without your help. I had my baby- she’s my little miracle that you had a big part in making happen. I actually enjoy eating foods without guilt. You were always so kind and understanding. You made my recovery possible. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me- I can’t thank you enough.
Lisa, age 32

I wanted to update you about how my life has gone since our last visit. I have had ups and downs with food on occasion but I can tell you that I am doing great. I have myself down to 2 meds for blood pressure and my blood sugar levels are in normal range. I have found the perfect exercise outlet for myself. Zumba. I laugh and shake it every Tuesday for an hour. I have acquired stomach muscles I haven’t had in 28 years. I have not lost a pant size but I am ok with it. My doctor said that a woman during menopause gains 5-10 lbs a year and I am not gaining anything. She said that I look fit and healthy. Life could not be better! My relationship with food has room for improvement but it does not consume me. If I want to eat a little bag of chips, I do. No need to hide it and then I move on. Still experimenting with new foods and using whole grains more and more. I owe this wonderful progress to the help you gave me in our visits. There was a lot of emotion around my food issues but not anymore! I hold my head up and am proud of me!
Deb, age 51

I recently returned from a visit to relatives who do not embrace a healthy eating style. I kept up most of my healthy habits but did indulge a bit more than I would have at home. The best thing is that when I came home, I went right back to the healthy eating routine that, thanks to you, is now a habit rather than a forced behavior. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with the notion that my traditional recipes will be healthier this year (well most of them) and those that are not I don’t care to eat as much of. I feel like a million bucks now that I am eating good food as a way of life and I don’t focus on the scale or my image in the mirror. People tell me all the time how great I look and how happy and healthy I am.
DG, age 51

Nutrition and exercise has had a very positive impact on my psych health and I am now socializing a great deal more than I have in recent times: healthy mind- healthy body. I really feel great! The plan is easy to stick to and I have had many women asking me about my methods. Some have even admitted they say, “What would Rick do?” when faced with an eating choice. A funny thing, one woman I have been seeing told me “you have eating issues.” I laughed to myself because I know my “eating issues” are that I eat well according to a plan designed by a professional who has made this her life’s work. It feels great. Flexible and healthy.
Rick, age 43

Went to the doctor’s today. I have lost 13 pounds and lowered my cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is down 50 points- from 199 to 149 and good cholesterol (HDL) is up to 40 from 34.
Lisa, age 41

Our family was introduced to Hilary Warner a year and a half ago, when our then, 15 year old, very athletic daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Our lives were forever changed, but with Hilary’s guidance, knowledge and vast experience with clients with similar problems, we soon were on the road to recovery. Hilary worked closely with us and our therapist, and guided our daughter down the path toward understanding her problem and getting back to a healthy way of eating and living. We felt with Hilary’s diverse experience with both fitness and nutrition, it was a perfect fit for our daughter. With the many challenges that face teenagers with eating disorders, Hilary knew how to navigate through each and every one of them, to where we are today….our daughter is now in recovery thanks to Hilary’s wealth of knowledge and kind, caring manner. I recall being so impressed on many occasions, when Hilary would tell me she would be out of the office to attend special conferences on the subject of nutrition and eating disorders. She was always striving toward the latest treatment options for her clients, and would enlighten us with new ideas upon her return. I realize that our experience with Hilary is quite specific, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, we would not have reached this point without her help. No matter what area of nutrition or fitness one might be seeking, it would be with the utmost of certainty, I would highly recommend Hilary Warner to help you reach your goals.
Parents of Bedford teen

The thing that I like best about working with Hilary Warner is that she makes me feel at ease… I don’t feel scolded or judged, but instead, motivated to achieve the goals that we set. She affirms the progress I make and looks at further changes that need to be made with a gentle, yet matter-of-fact approach. Before offering advice, she challenges me to come up with ideas that I might have to approach the new challenge. That interaction allows me to build confidence in my own problem-solving skills. She gently discusses what my food and lifestyle preferences are, such as how I like to shop and how much time and interest I have in food preparation. I remember planning to tackle lowering cholesterol with 4 or 5 goals, but Hilary coached me to try one at a time and that slow-and-steady approach has proved successful. She has also taught me tips for eating at restaurants such as leaving off or reducing ingredients- I have found that restaurants are happy to do this for their customers! I especially like that Hilary gives me multiple “tools” with which to approach my goals, but does not give so many that it overwhelms me. Sitting with Hilary is like talking to a friend!
Kathy, age 54

I wanted to send a most sincere thank you for your wisdom, your strong yet gentle encouragement, your creative solutions, and for the myriad changes you’ve helped bring to my life as my nutritionist. You have been and continue to be a strong, steady, and positive influence in my life and there is no real way to thank you for that!
Jean, age 40